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Welcome to Dionyssos tavern. Our tavern is located at Mirthios village just a few kilometers away from Plakias right on the side of the mountain between the two gorges of Kotsifou and Kourtaliotis. The panoramic view of the Plakias bay, the Lybian sea,the surrounding area  is one of our advantages. You'll find us at the entrance of the village on the main road.

Our Cuisine

The primed cuisine using ingredients of our choice and enriched with local herbs and spices, is what characterizes us in our many years of  existing. Many of the ingredients are of our own productions. The traditional cretan cooking, executed in our special way,  is combined also with little modern touches in order for you to discover and enjoy the delights of this place in the most satisfying way.

Our Taverna

The family and friendly environment combined with the primed cuisine and unparalleled view are the reasons that our customers applaud us by coming back every year. By our place you will enjoy your meal under the colors of the sunset. The place, which was recently renovated, is characterized by the warm atmosphere, the cleanliness and comfort.

Average cost per person
8-12 €